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Playing-Learning-Living Playing-Learning-Living Finger Painting 54344301 Riding a Horse Riding a Horse 61508992 The Princess waters the garden 54344302 Today we learned about fire safety Stop-Drop-Roll 54344303 Making Sand Cakes 76165616 What a happy baby 54344870 Piggies in a Blanket 54344305 It's time to wash our toys. 54344306 Climbing (large motor skills) 61508964 Work work, gotta pick up the leaves from fall. 54344307 Peek-a-boo 54344308 Today was dinosaur day 54344309 Music to rock your soul. 54344310 Busy at preschool, with a helper 54344311 Field Trip to Monterey Bay 54344862 Just a typical day at Monterey Bay 54344864 Treasure hunting Look what I found! 54344866 I fit in the puzzle ball 54344867 Ummm strawberries and the Lite Brite Play 54344869 Parents love joining us on field trips too. Santa Cruz Beach 54344873 Exploring books 61508958 Learning Scissor cutting 61508959 Entomology-The Green Grasshopper 61508960 Playdough Time 61508962 Shape Matching 61508970 Exploring soap, bubbles, outside fun 61508967 Science, COLD TEMP DROPS DOWN 61508965 Water Play 61508966 The Big Red "C" 61508969 Community Story Time 61508971 The Little Rocking Horse 61508972 Inside free play-Imaginary play 61508973 Outside gardening 61508974 Inside the castle 61508975 Castle day 61508976 Swinging 61508977 Measuring our height against Lego Robot 61508978 Inside Art Time 61508979 D is for Dinosaurs 61508980 Sand play 61508981 Washing paints from hands 61508983 Outside ball pit 61508984 Outside free play 61508985 Halloween ghosts. 61508987 Fall painting 61508988 Painting 3 hummingbirds in the fall trees. 61508989 Tuesday is Gardner Day, I see him! 61508990 Crazy Hat Day 61508991 Free Play 61508993 Sand Play 61508995 Outside group play 61508996 Creating a Fireman 61508998 I'm a Fireman mom 61508999 Arts 61509000 Thanksgiving Painting 61509001 I see the clouds 61509002 I see an airplane 61509003 Binocular Exploration 61509004 Easel Painting 61509005 Free Play 61509006 Pink Hand Painting 76165606 Orange Hand Painting 76165610 Outdoor Train Play 76165607 The Letter Q 76165608 Outside Play after a Rain 76165627 I love my Digger Shirt 76165629 Say Cheese 76165611 Posing on her cycle 76165612 Motorcycle Riding 76165613 The Wind in My Hair 76165614 Sand Play after a Rain 76165615 Static Hair 76165617 Homemade Playdough and the letter "S" 76165618 Letter Play 76165619 Snow White and Cinderella Dancing Dress up encourages the imagination. 76165620 Threading a Necklace for Mommy 76165621 Peeling my own Mandarine Oranges 76165622 Clean Up-Clean Up 76165624 Vroom Vroom 76165625 Need Gas? 76165626 Working on my Fire Engine 76165628 A Long Way Down 76165633 Run Run as Fast As you Can 76165630 May I take your order? 76165631 Climbing On My Own 76165632 The Big Green Ball 76165634